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5 tips to prepare a good cod

Check out tricks to make this delicious fish even tastier

1 – Fat or thin?
The good fish is caught in the coldest time of the year, which has a robust body, but without much fat. But if there is no way to identify the date of fishing, the important thing is to choose lean pieces, which were probably collected in the winter.

2 – Choosing the right type There
are several types of cod. The most noble is the Morhua, which has clear, soft and juicy meat, ideal for recipes that require a whole piece. Slightly inferior in quality is Ling (Molva molva), with tall, beautiful slices and very white meat, which separates into soft, moist slivers, and is ideal for oven, pan or frying pan recipes. Saithe (Gadus virens or Pollachius virens), Zarbo and Gadus macrocephalus have darker, more yellowish flesh and are well broken into splinters. Thus, they are more suitable for stir-fries and quick preparations, which ask for the ingredient in pieces or shredded, such as fillings, salads and dumplings.

1) Porto Codfish (Cod Gadus Morhua) – It has white meat, soft and tasty. Its fillet is great to be roasted or used in slices. The side shavings unravel and yield sauces, salads and pies.
(2) Gadus macrocephallus – The meat is firmer and harder to break into splinters. It can be used in stews, pie fillings and dumplings.
3) Ling-  Soft and tasty. It is good on baked goods or chips.
4) Saithe – It’s a cheaper cousin to Cod. The flesh is not as clear as others, but it is very tender. Perfect for salads, risottos and dumplings.
5) Zarbo – The simplest of the family, is the one with the best meat to make dumplings or stews.

3 – Do not desalter the chips
The meat at the ends should not be eaten in slices. Once splintered, don’t worry about desalting it. Just wash it in plenty of water three or four times before you start cooking.

4 – Desalting in the refrigerator
When desalting, place in a deep bowl with cold water. It is recommended to try to keep the temperature constant throughout the process, so as not to interrupt the dissolution of the salt. Cover the fish entirely, this will prevent the action of bacteria and the appearance of unpleasant odors. Change the water once every six or eight hours, with another one at the same temperature. The highest slices should be soaked for three, three and a half days; the finest for only two.

5 – To accompany, choose a non-full-bodied wine
To accompany a dish of cod, the best choice is a good green wine, preferably velvety, unctuous and aromatic, to match the power of the fish. If you prefer to harmonize with a common white, choose a variety that has not aged in wooden barrels, because its flavors and aromas, in general, fight with cod. Prefer young and good acidity types. If you do not give up the reds, avoid the full-bodied ones and try to choose a fruity drink, with round and balanced tannins. Finally, sparkling wines are also an excellent option for pairing, especially dry ones with notes of roasted almonds.

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