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The Brazilian barbecue way

Each lover of good roast meat has his preference as to the ideal point to taste it: just sealed, underdone, almost at the point, at the point, at the point for well done or well done.
But many people do not know how to identify when the meat has reached the desired point, without having to cut it. To help with this task, seasoned grills have developed a very simple method, which can be applied by anyone. Just compare the firmness of the flesh surface with that of a specific area of ​​the hand, located below the thumb. Check out:

the meat spot

Tips for proper preparation
• Before preparation, season only with coarse salt. Sauces and other seasonings can be added when the meat is on the plate.
• Never pierce the meat
• Turn the meat over only once. Turning it over several times will cause it to lose its juiciness.
• Only place the meat when the grill (or plate) is very hot.
When the preparation is ready, wait five minutes before cutting the piece.

More than noble meats
In addition to the traditional meats , there are two types of meat that stand out for being more tasty – and expensive:

It is meat that is stored at zero degree for about 10 days, usually vacuum-packed. The process allows the meat to be softer and retain more flavor.

It is meat that comes from an ox with a high amount of fat between its muscle fibers. That’s where the name comes from, as its fillets look like marble slabs.
The most famous is the “Kobe beef”, created in Japan, with a balanced diet, massages and even doses of sake. It can cost R $ 500 a kilo.

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