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What is the best red wine grape?

Direct and straight: it is a waste of time to try to choose “the best grape”, be it red, white or rosé wine. First, because it is an extremely subjective issue (what my palate wants may not please others). Second, you need to know under what circumstances you are going to drink this wine.


Most of the time, wine is consumed accompanying a food and the characteristics of the dish will indicate which type of wine (and grape) are the most suitable for this enogastronomic experience (chic expression, right?) To be as pleasant as possible .

Harmonization of wine with food is not freshness: it is a combination of the elements present in the food (its physical and chemical properties) with those of wine. To take a simple example: a full-bodied red wine, from the Malbec grape , with a very delicate grilled fish, will “kill” the fish. In addition to the taste of the fish practically disappearing, the wine will have a somewhat “weird” taste.

A more suitable combination would be for the fish to be accompanied by a white wine (grape chardonnay or sauvignon blanc, for example), a more delicate, refreshing drink that enhances the fish’s flavor even more.

The potent malbec, on the other hand, goes very well with red meat, which is more greasy – a beautiful rib on the grill, for example. It is not by chance that this grape is a favorite among Argentines to accompany their emblematic parrilla.

But how to know?

Good question! Choosing wine is not an exact science. The recommendation is to pay attention to some basic harmonization rules (like the example above), search for magazines and websites that talk about the subject (like this one), listen to the recommendation of friends and experts.

This will not make you find the dream wine, but it will help you escape from the wrong choices.

But the most important recommendation is: do it justice with your own hands, eyes, nostrils and mouth: taste it!

To taste is to drink paying attention. See how your senses react to wine and find out what you like best. The sommelier language of the galaxies may even indicate a label that he considers wonderful, but it is useless if it does not please him.

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