Santo Antônio do Embaré
Santos City

Embaré, a church in front of the sea

The imposing church, which draws attention due to its neo-Gothic style and being located right in front of the beach, was inaugurated in 1945, on the land where, in 1875, the Portuguese Antônio Ferreira da Silva Jr., Visconde do Embaré, built a small chapel.

After his death, the chapel was abandoned for about 20 years, when it was rebuilt and inaugurated in 1911. In 1915, it was expanded, becoming a church.

Santo Antônio do Embaré

In 1922, it was given to Capuchin Franciscan friars, who started the new building in 1930, when the cornerstone that would give rise to the current basilica was laid, finally being inaugurated in 1945 and elevated to the category of basilica by Pope Pius XII in 1952.

Santo Antônio do Embaré

Designed by the German architect Maximilian Emil Hehl (who also designed the Sé Cathedral, in São Paulo), the Embaré Church also stands out for its high ceiling, which is 18 meters in span, covered by frescoes ṕroduced by the painter Pedro Gentili, in 1946 (and restored in 2001). Another feature of the Embaré Minor Basilica (this is its official name) is the organ with 3800 tubes. Flanking the musical instrument are two angels carved from wood.

At the top of the basilica, there are four angels drawn, each with an inscription on the halo: Poverty, Purity, Obedience and Prayer.
On the main entrance of the Embaré Church there is a classic composition showing Saint Anthony receiving the Child Jesus from the Virgin’s hands. Interestingly, the image of Saint Peter – who should be on the right of those who leave, since he is the apostle on the right of Christ – is located on the left, while Saint Paul is on the right.

In the square in front of the Basilica, already on the waterfront avenue, there is a water fountain, with a statue of Saint Anthony in the center, approximately two meters high.


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