Catedral de Santos
Santos City

Cathedral is the main Catholic temple in Santos

It is the main and largest Catholic temple in Santos. Built in neo-Gothic style, the cathedral began to be built in 1909, was inaugurated in 1924, but completed only in 1967.

Cathedral of Saints

On the facade, there are two images in natural granite, representing São Pedro and São Paulo, and, above, there are the figures of the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezequiel and Daniel, with four evangelists beside them.

The building

The Cathedral has three naves (central wing), two lateral marble altars and two chapels, one on each side of the main altar: the Santíssimo Sacramento, which has frescoes by the painter Benedito Calixto, and the Nossa Senhora de Fátima. The large dome completes the ensemble, where there are also seven stained glass windows that tell the story of Our Lady’s life. The cathedral tower holds a carillon of seven bells.

Santa Bakhita

Saint Josefina Bakhita

The cathedral also has an altar for Saint Josefina Bakhita, a first African (and black) saint, whose canonization took place after a grace granted to a Santos citizen. The site also has a crypt in which the bishops Dom Idílio José Soares and Dom David Picão and priests are buried – there are still hundreds of loculi.


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