Santuário de Santo Antônio do Valongo
Santos City

At Valongo, one of the oldest churches in Brazil

Built in 1640, the Sanctuary of Santo Antônio do Valongo is one of the oldest churches in Brazil. In baroque style, it has walls covered with tile murals from the 1930s and, on the high altar, one of the few rotating thrones in the country, with the Holy Trinity on one side and, on the other, the monstrance for Perpetual Adoration. Attached to the church is the Chapel of the Venerable Third Order of San Francisco, from 1691, where an image of San Francisco is displayed, in baroque style and real size, praying before a Six-winged Mystical Christ.

 Sanctuary of Santo Antônio do Valongo


The entrance to the church has three Roman arches, symmetrical to the low-arch balcony doors on the upper floor, topped by curved stone lintels. Wavy pediment and garlands complete the facade, considered one of the most beautiful baroque of the 18th century.

The Chapel of the Venerable Third Order of São Francisco da Penitência, from 1691, is on the left, perpendicular and with an open arch to the conventual church.

 Sanctuary of Santo Antônio do Valongo

Frei Vicente

The altar has six panels of tiles painted, between 1938 and 1940, by the Portuguese artist José Candido da Silva Jr .. He self-portrayed, in a jacket and tie, in the panel ‘O Pão de Santo Antônio’, together with a saint. In the panel ‘Morte de Santo Antônio’, the artist made a portrait of Father Vicente Borgard pointing to the sky, trying to console a friar to mourn the death of Santo Antônio.


Centennial buildings comprise Conjunto do Carmo

Our Lady of the Rosary keeps unknown treasures

Cathedral is the main Catholic temple of Santos

Inf front of the sea, Santo Antônio do Embaré

Museum of Sacred Art holds sacred relics

From the top of Mount Serrat, patron saint protects the city of Santos

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