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Santos FC prepares tribute to Pelé in Vila Belmiro

An intense and unusual mobilization in Vila Belmiro coincides with the worsening of Pelé’s clinical condition. The most recent medical bulletin released by the Albert Einstein Hospital on Wednesday (21) indicates that Pelé “presents a progression in the oncological condition and presents progression of the oncological disease and requires greater care related to renal and cardiac dysfunctions”.

On the night of this Friday (23), a white awning was set up in the center of the Santos´s soccer field and a video, taken at the Ecumenical Necropolis Memorial, is circulating on the internet, recording what appears to be a funerary chamber, with images on the sides alluding to the King of Soccer.

Also on Friday night (23), one of Pelé’s daughters, Kelly do Nascimento, published a photo on Instagram in which she appears hugging her father in the hospital bed. “One more night together. We continue in strength and faith “.

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