Jardim da orla de Santos
Santos City

Waterfront garden, the greatest postcard of Santos

With 5,335m of extension, between the public park of the Emissário Submarino and Ponta da Praia, the waterfront gardens cover an area of ​​218.8 thousand square meters – which gave it the title of Largest Garden by the Sea in the World, included in the book Guiness de Recordes, in 2002.

Santos waterfront garden

The waterfront garden has about 1,300 flower beds, planters and plant pots, with more than 70 ornamental species. Among them, lilies of peace, biris, dracena, drops of gold, paulistinhas, white and yellow daisies, white crinuns and coleus.

The species are of the perennial type, more resistant to the climate of the region, which presents humidity, salinity and wind. There are also 1,800 trees of various sizes, such as palm trees, cycads and parasols.

This rich flora attracts birds of various species, some endemic, that build nests and live there, and others that use the garden to feed themselves or as a resting point on flights, even outside the continent.

Statue of Saturnino de Brito in the Santos waterfront garden


The gardens on the edge of Santos have 38 monuments, including statues, busts, commemorative plaques and sculptural ensembles, reminiscent of characters and remarkable moments in the history of the city, Brazil and the world.

From José Menino, a neighborhood bordering the municipality of São Vicente, to Ponta da Praia, it is possible to meet important figures in history, such as Saturnino de Brito (the creator of the city’s sanitation project, which includes the canals); Alberto Santos Dumont, the father of aviation; the Jesuit priest José de Anchieta and Cristóvão Colombo, discoverer of America.


There are also tributes to Japanese immigrants, Almirante Tamandaré (Patron of the Brazilian Navy), poets Vicente de Carvalho and Martins Fontes, Samaritan João Octávio dos Santos (who donated land for the construction of a school for needy children, which bears the name of his mother, Escolástica Rosa) and O Pneu Furou, a sculpture made by the artist Ricca.

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