Teatro da Ópera de Viena, Straatsoper

Vienna State Opera is the most important classical music place in the world

Vienna is the world capital of classical music and its ultimate symbol is the Vienna Opera House (Straatsoper). And not only for hosting the most important shows on the planet, but also for its agenda full of high quality attractions: there are more than 60 operas and ballets, in about 300 days a year.

For lovers of classical music, it is a unique experience. Contrary to what one might believe, not only are there expensive tickets, it is therefore not feasible for most people. There are values ​​for all purchasing powers. The best seats start at 150 Euros, but it is possible to buy tickets to see the show standing for 3 and 4 Euros. However, these popular tickets cannot be purchased in advance, you must purchase on the day of the presentation, facing a two-hour queue. Vienna State Opera is the most important classical music place in the world.

Online theater

It is also possible, for a fee , to watch opera and ballet performances over the internet, both live and recorded, at www.staatsoperlive.com .

In addition, it is also possible to take a virtual tour behind the scenes of the theater, at https://www.wiener-staatsoper.at/en/your-visit/guided-tours/


Another option is the 360-degree virtual tour in


Monitored visits

In addition to the shows themselves, it is worth taking part in guided tours of the theater, available in several languages. Highlights for the entrance hall, the main staircase, the 2,800-seat audience and the tea room where Austrian emperor Francisco José (1830-1916) rested during the acts. The tour can also be combined with a visit to the Opera Museum (Staatsopern Museum).

Dead architects

Some curiosities accompany the history of the Vienna Opera House. The architect of the Renaissance design building would have committed suicide shortly after its inauguration in 1869, as the Viennese would have been disappointed with the final result. A second architect was hired to try to reverse the situation and meet the expectations of Vienna society, but he also would not have resisted the pressure and died of a heart attack.

In 1945, during the Second World War, a bomb caused serious damage to the building, which deeply affected the Viennese, as the attack was considered a symbolic aggression against the city. Ten years after the incident, the opera opened its doors again, recovered and equipped with the most advanced technologies of the time.

This is some reasons because Vienna State Opera is the most important classical music place in the world.

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