Urban beaches at Guarujá guarantee infrastructure to bathers

Guarujá has 27 beaches, distributed in approximately 22 kilometers of extension, each one with its own characteristics. Discover the more urban ones, which offer good infrastructure to bathers.

1. Pitangueiras

With 1800 meters long, it is located in the central district of the city. It offers good infrastructure to bathers, with the sale of drinks and portions at kiosks and street vendors. The Pitangueiras neighborhood has a shopping center facing the sea, restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, shopping arcades, supermarkets and hotels.

At the left end, in Canto do Maluf, there is a small lookout, where you have a stunning view of the sunset. The name of the place, Pier Tony Villela, is a tribute to the surfer who died trying to rescue drowning tourists.

At the right end, it is possible to walk along the sandy strip to the neighboring beach, Asturias. The reference point in the division of the two beaches is the building Sobre as Ondas: completed in 1951, but with a revolutionary concept and architectural design for the time and more current than ever.

2. Asturias

Most frequented beach by the residents of the neighborhood, the sea is rough for most of its 1,100 meters in length, but calmer at the right end, where it is ideal for children, taking pictures, fishing or just contemplating the landscape. Fishing boats strategically anchored on the spot complete the scene.

Tombo beach.  Photo: Helder Lima / PMG

3. Tombo

It is highly sought after by surfers, due to the angry sea, ideal for the sport. It has this name because the force of the waves makes the depth of the sea accentuate just a few steps from the shore. The beach, which is 900 meters long, has good accommodation facilities (hotels and holiday apartments), bars and restaurants. It also has the Blue Flag, an international certificate that attests excellence in sustainability.

4. Guaiúba

With 790 meters of extension, the beach of Guaiúba is very frequented on the weekends, mainly by families with children, since the sea is calm hands. It has a large number of street vendors and restaurants on the boardwalk, offering food and drinks. In addition to the strip of sand, the Guaiúba beach has a large space under trees, where families tend to settle.

5. Enseada

With 5,600 meters in length, enseada (means Cove) it is the largest beach in Guarujá. It offers great infrastructure, with vending carts, kiosks, restaurants, bars, hotels and holiday apartments. At the right end, there is the Maluf hill, where at the top is the viewpoint of Campina.

In the central part of the beach, sports such as volleyball, footvolley, football and beach tennis are practiced.

The left end, at Canto do Tortuga, is the departure point for motorboats (which are housed in marinas), jet skis and banana boat rides.

There are marinas that harbor motorboats.

6. Pernambuco

Another beach that is very popular on weekends, has a large number of vending carts, serving snacks and drinks. At the far right, there are banana boat rides. The left-most stretch is ideal for surfing and bodyboarding. A reference point for Pernambuco beach is Sofitel Jequitimar, a beachfront resort owned by TV presenter and entrepreneur Silvio Santos. It is 1650 meters long.

7. Mar Casado

Although they consider it to be another beach, that of Mar Casado (means “Married Sea”) is an extension to the right of Pernambuco beach. The stretches of sand separate when the tide rises, near the Ilha do Mar Casado. Because it is located in a more sheltered region, the Mar Casado beach is ideal for children and sports such as canoeing and stand-up paddle. It is 500 meters long.

8. Perequê

Despite offering a breathtaking scenery, due to the fishing boats anchored, the beach is not recommended for swimming, due to the pollution generated in the nearby housing nucleus. In the avenue that borders the Perequê beach there are fishmongers with fresh and extremely high quality products and restaurants that serve tasty Caiçara cuisine.


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