Fábio Wajngarten

The real face of Bolsonarism

Bolsonarism is a disease that had contaminated Brazil for a long time but it was only accurately diagnosed in October 2018, with the election of Jair Bolsonaro. With his victory, people who have always ruminated on hatred and prejudice have lost their shame and felt free to express all their racism, homophobia, machismo and other discrimination.

Reactionaryism came out of the closet and started to show its face. But, contrary to what many may find, the face that best represents Bolsonarism is not that of Jair himself or that of one of his sons. These are sincerely rude, uneducated, aggressive, ignorant, inadequate. The true face of Bolsonarism is that of former Communications Secretary Fabio Wajngarten.

Handsome, well-aligned clothes and soft-spoken most of the time, Wajngarten is a first-time Bolsonaro´s supporter. He acted with enthusiasm in the electoral campaign, by the way, he is suspected of being a contributor to the system of spreading lies through social networks (Fake News), distorting the truth, destroying reputations and spreading fear.

As communication secretary, he was notorious for persecuting, “calling for the head” of journalists critical of the government and boosting public funds with bloggers and websites aligned with bolsonarism. He made government agencies instruments for the propagation of lies.

Fabio Wajngarten

Pressed by the facts, Fabio Wajngarten was naked in his testimony at the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI). He was caught in the contradictions and lies he disseminated while in office. Pressed by reality, he replaced the initial anger and arrogance with fear, cowardice and dissimulation. Miraculously, or for the convenience of the occasion, he did not get arrested.

With or without a mask, the face of Bolsonarism is explicit, and it is not part of the Bolsonaro family, nor just that of Fabio Wajngarten. The face of Bolsonarism is before each one of us – the co-worker, the service provider, the relative. People we thought were “good people”, but, at the first opportunity, revealed what they really are: greasy souls.

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