O carteiro de bonecas

The dolls letter postman

One day, the writer Franz Kafka was in a park when he heard a girl crying, for having lost the doll. He approached and said:

– Rest assured, your doll is traveling but she’ll be back!

– And how do you know that?

– I’m a doll letter postman. She wrote you a letter

– I do not believe. And where is this letter?

– I left it at home. Come here tomorrow and I’ll give it to you.

Kakfa spent the night writing the doll’s letter to the girl. In the first line, he said: “Please don’t cry for me. I left on a trip to see the world ”

And it was like that for weeks. Once a week, he would go to the park and deliver the letter to the girl, reporting the fantastic trip around the world, meeting wonderful places and interesting people.
I found the girl always happy with the previous letter and anxious to know about the doll’s adventures. But eventually the doll saga would have to end.

The following week, the writer went to the square with a doll he had bought at the market and gave it to the girl.

– But this is not my doll, this is very different!

– Of course it’s her! A good trip transforms us a lot.
This story is believed to be true and told in many ways, but it does not matter at all.

The girl was never found and neither were the letters, but the story inspired the Spanish writer Jordi Sierra i Fabra to write “Kafka and the traveling doll”, a book in which he imagines what the letters would be like.

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