Todos pela Vacina

SPTurism promotes actions to face the pandemic

The president of São Paulo Turismo (SPTuris), Luiz Alvaro Salles Aguiar de Menezes, explains that SPTuris also acted directly in the fight against the pandemic, promoting the Todos pela Vacina campaign and helping with the vaccination campaign. Check out:

All for the Vaccine


On the weekend that the carnival would take place, February 13, the #TodosPelasVacinas campaign was carried out, a phrase painted by artists and volunteers along the 1,000 m² of the samba catwalk. The action had international repercussions and sought to make the population aware of the importance of vaccination, which was in its initial phase that month. The campaign was a partnership between SPTuris, the Municipal Secretary of Culture, Suvinil and the National Association of Specialists in Public Policies and Government Management (ANESP).

Drive-thru vaccination.

Sampa vaccine: mega drive-thrus against coronavirus

Teams from different sectors of SPTuris provided support to the infrastructure that was built for the drive-thru vaccination against covid-19, in the parking lot of the Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion. Started on February 8, 2021, immunization was aimed at the elderly over the age of 90 years. In addition to this point, SPTuris is responsible for all infrastructure, such as the installation of tents, railings and windows, along the same lines as the Anhembi vaccination post, of two vaccination drive-thrus in the capital of São Paulo:
• Memorial Da América Latina
• Parque Villa Lobos
The other drive-thrus that SPTuris operates and provides support to the Municipal Health Secretariat are:
• Arena Corinthians
• Interlagos Circuit
• Clube Atlético Monte Líbano
• Ibirapuera Sports Complex
• Morumbi Stadium
• Dom Alvarenga Hospital
• Boas Novas Church
• Anália Franco
Shopping • Aricanduva Shopping
• Itaim Paulista
Sub-Municipality • M Boi Mirim Sub-Municipality
In addition to these, SPTuris also manages the following points:
• Club Atlético Paulistano
• Clube Hebraica
• More Shopping
• Subprefecture of Penha
• Shopping Interlagos

The vaccination tents contributed to the application of 2.3 million doses to people in the city (April 2021 figures). The company also takes care of the visual communication, guidance to users, the drive-thrus of the Igreja Batista Boas Novas, the Autódromo de Interlagos and the Morumbi Stadium.

Collection of food

The Anhembi vaccination drive-thru is one of the points of collection of food that is part of the Vaccine Against Hunger and São Paulo Cidade Solidária campaigns, of the Government of São Paulo and City Hall of São Paulo, respectively.

The actions invite each person able to get vaccinated against covid-19 to donate a kilo of non-perishable food. The donations are destined to needy families while facing the coronavirus pandemic. In April, between the 3rd and the 13th, there were already more than 15 tons of food, adding to the collection collected in the 19 drive-thrus of Vacina Sampa.

In addition, the Exhibition Pavilion is a point for receiving and storing the Solidarity Food program, also from the State Government. The site received the first shipment of basic baskets, with more than 3,000 units, on April 16, in a ceremony attended by Bia Doria, Honorary President of the São Paulo Social Fund, Fernando Chucre, President of the Fund São Paulo Social, Jorge Damião, CEO of Memorial América Latina; Claudia Pedroso, Under Secretary of Culture, Luiz Álvaro, President of SPTuris and representatives of the São Paulo Association of Entrepreneurs of the Shopping Circuit (APECC) and IbraChina.


SPTuris plans to resume tourism and events sector

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