Museu Pelé
Santos City

Pelé Museum holds relics of the King of Football

Two old mansions, built one in 1867 and the other in 1872, have been restored and now house part of the collection of the King of Football. There are documents, shirts, boots, balls, decorations and trophies and other pieces from Pelé’s private collection, spread across the museum’s 4,134m². There are also audios, films, photos and texts about Pelé’s history.

Pelé Museum. Photo: Diogo Moreira / Disclosure

Among the pieces present in the museum are the first contract as a professional player signed by Pelé, when he was just 16, a replica of Pelé’s shoe box and a copy of the diploma with the title of Sir, conferred by the Queen of England.

Pelé Museum. Photo: Raimundo Rosa / PMS

Address: Largo Marquês de Monte Alegre, 1, Valongo. Phone: (13) 3233-9670

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