Kathmandu, a city rich in diversity

A city full of magic, faith and present in the imagination of people from all continents. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, holds a precious cultural, historical and religious treasure. There are temples, sacred images, historic palaces, a very peculiar gastronomy and a diverse population in terms of customs, beliefs and physiognomies.

Kathmandu , the largest city in Nepal, is the country’s political and cultural capital, where Nepalese arrived from all corners of the country and were assimilated.

Hinduism and Buddhism have coexisted in the Kathmandu valley since time immemorial and Nepalese make little distinction when worshiping in Hindu and Buddhist shrines.

While fervently preserving its ancient culture, Kathmandu is closely embraced by new technologies. Thamel Square (the commercial center of the capital) is fully equipped with a free Wi-Fi network.

Like any large city, Kathmandu has seen rapid expansion in the past decade, but despite the rapid life of a metropolis, its people remain friendly and pleasant with visitors.

Durbar Square was recognized as a World Heritage Site by Unesco , an organization dedicated to the preservation of culture in the world. In it, there are constructions

Keeping her ancient traditions, Kathmandu is blessed by Kumari, a small Buddhist girl who Nepalese believe to be the Hindu Goddess Taleju.

Kumari, the living goddess of Kathmandu, is a tourist attraction

Life in the city is enriched by countless processions, which take crowds of devotees to the streets, seeking joy in spiritual celebrations. These religious festivals are full of legends and are quite a spectacle with processions of chariots and masked dancers, usually possessed by the spirits of the deities.

Elsewhere in the center of Kathmandu, not far from Durbar Square, is the region of the fastest growing city: Thamel, a neighborhood that offers hotels and restaurants for the most diverse audiences and a thriving trade, offering handicrafts representing the culture location or inputs for adventurers who will go hiking and climbing.

Thamel, central Kathmandu
Thamel has hotels, restaurants, craft stores and supplies for adventurers

In Thamel, there is a profusion of tourist agencies offering tours to more distant places in the country (such as the Himalayas and Lumbini, in the west of the country, where Buda was born) or cities close to the capital, within the Kathmandu Valley (Patan and Bhaktapur), which are home to centuries-old temples.


Patan, an artistic city in the Kathmandu Valley

Pashupatinath oozes devotion and symbolism

The all-seeing Buddha eyes in Boudhanath

Swayambhu symbolizes harmony between Buddhists and Hindus

Bhaktapur maintains secular characteristics

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