Mirante das Galhetas, Guarujá. Hygor Abreu/Divulgação

Guarujá viewpoints offer a privileged view

The Guarujá waterfront, with its 27 beaches and rocky shores, offers breathtaking views of nature. To facilitate contemplation, the City Hall built three lookouts: one at the top of Morro do Maluf, which allows the view of Enseada beach; another on Pitangueiras beach and a third, in the popularly known as Morro da Caixa d´Água.

Pier-Tony-Villela.  Photo: Disclosure / PMG

Tony Villela Pier

Located at the left end of Pitangueiras beach, in the so-called Canto do Maluf, the viewpoint allows you to have an unforgettable view of the sunset. The pier has a wooden deck, where small events can be held, such as musical performances and wedding ceremonies. Anyone who wants to use the space to hold an event should contact the Tourism Office of Guarujá. The pier pays homage to surfer Tony Villela, who died heroically after rescuing tourists who were in danger at sea near the pier in 2008.

Morro da Campina viewpoint, Enseada beach.  Photo: Helder Lima / Disclosure

Viewpoint of Campina

From the top of the Maluf hill, 100 meters above sea level, there is a panoramic view of the entire Enseada beach (the largest in Guarujá), an ideal place to enjoy the sunrise. Before being excessively rustic, the place underwent a profound revitalization, gaining access with secure floors, handrails and a glass railing. At Mirante da Campina it is possible to practice radical activities such as abseiling, climbing and paragliding flights, hiring the services of specialized and licensed companies.

Viewpoint of Galhetas, Guarujá.  Hygor Abreu / Disclosure

Viewpoint of Galhetas

The transparent floor, 45 meters above the sea, can make your stomach feel cold, but it is totally safe! Located in Morro da Caixa D’Água, Mirante das Galhetas has the first skywalker floor structure of Baixada Santista and provides a stunning view of Praia do Tombo. From the place, it is possible to practice flight with paragliding. Access to Mirante das Galhetas is via Rua Alexandre Migues Rodrigues, close to the Fish Market of Asturias Beach.

Canto del Tortuga, Asturias.  Photo: Disclosure / PMG

Asturias Corner

Traditional location for decades, the right end of Asturias beach allows you to contemplate the landscape, take unforgettable photos and also fish.

tortuga lookout.  Photo: Disclosure / Bela Vistata Restaurant.

Tortuga Lookout

At the end of Enseada beach, at the far left, in the region known as Tortuga, there is a street (Canto da Enseada, which later changes its name to Gilberto Glasser) that leads up to the top of the hill. The place offers a beautiful view of the sea and rocky shores and also houses the Mirante Bela Vista restaurant.


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