Crise econômica é momento para reinventar e planejar

Economic crisis caused by the pandemic is time to reinvent and plan

The economic crisis is a side effect of the pandemic , which affects the entire world – from the corner store to the international mega-corporation. Although a few entrepreneurs insist on denying reality and advocate an immediate return to activities, several studies indicate that relaxing the restriction measures at this time will certainly bring financial damage. And, between the resumption of operations and the realization of the losses, many people will fall ill and die – family members, friends, employees and strangers who want the “ relaxation ” of social isolation.

Creativity and planning

However, businessmen, freelancers and entrepreneurs cannot stand idly by, waiting for this real hurricane to pass. The moment is challenging and requires creativity and planning .

The president of Lide Santos , Jarbas Marques, and the Sebrae consultant César Ossamu Filho give valuable guidance on how to act during this pandemic and what is possible to do as soon as it passes. Well, yes, it will pass!


“There is no complete, magical solution anywhere in the world. They are all scared, in fact no one believed it was going to reach that size. The time now is to create new ways, reinvent the business , reviewing processes , looking at your teams, thinking about the efficiency they have and looking for new solutions ”, says Jarbas Marques, from Lide.

The pandemic ended up showing structural problems that already existed. “It accelerated this process of financial difficulty, of processes or of people. On the other hand, other companies have had a certain evolution ”, he points out. “The most important of all is the evolution of the entrepreneur’s behavior in the face of difficulty. We have been through several crises and this one has now come to prove who was made for it and who was not.


Sebrae consultant César Ossamu Filho points out that, in this moment of economic crisis of the pandemic, it is necessary to think about what the client needs. “You can’t wait to pass. One of the great difficulties is knowing exactly when it will end and, even so, when it ends, how people will be. It seems that everyone entered a cocoon and it is not known how people will get out of it, ”he says. “Entrepreneurs need to plan, get out of the routine, innovate, look for new sales channels, new ways to deliver their products, always thinking about what the customer needs”.

Jarbas Marques reinforces: “The key at this point is to maintain the relationship networks, their suppliers and customers. Try to understand your client, what his demands are. What he needed before, he may not need anymore. Reading the customer and the market is important to be able to do something different, ”he says. “Make connections, talk to your customers and suppliers. The way you treat them now will influence their decisions later ”.

Ossamu also highlights the need to reassess the company. “More than ever, it is necessary to optimize the company, be it in the sizing of employees, definition of function, the job description, what is the role of each one, how the company can work in a more efficient way for the client”, he completes .


Ossamu Filho recalls that many of the resources used now during social isolation were already available, but were little (if anything) used, with video calls and applications for the sale and delivery of products. “Companies had to accelerate the use of these processes. Today, we see many working with delivery even though the segment they served already asked for this previously. But, due to a lack of time to plan or evaluate that the operation was not worth it, they ended up leaving it aside. Today, everyone had to revise this ”, he reveals.

Jarbas Marques highlights the importance of technology, especially with the use of applications such as Skype and Zomm, for conducting videoconferences, and Swot, for management, “for you to understand what your bottlenecks are and your ways”.


Both Jarbas and César emphasize the importance of the entrepreneur, to face the economic crisis of the pandemic, to carry out a conscious planning, defining actions, designing scenarios and forecasting results, but always feasible – not what I would like to happen. César draws attention to the potential of remote activities. “Today, we are breaking down these barriers, as it is very practical, useful for those who are in charge of the business and also for the customer. Many things do not lose quality because they are not in person ”.

Another important aspect pointed out by Jarbas is the speed of planning. “You can’t make a plan in 60 days, it has to be day by day. I analyze, I take action, I measure the results. It worked, I go ahead, it didn’t work, I correct it and I go ahead ”, he explains.


According to Jarbas Marques, the key at this point is to have balance. “When you are in the eye of the hurricane, as we are now, it is the moment when you need the most balance. It is necessary to maintain serenity and seek alternatives. I have been telling business people not to sacrifice suppliers and employees. Obviously, the company has to take care of its cash, it will not wait for the rope to burst but neither can it take all the drastic measures once the rope just stretches ”.

“It is not the time to earn a lot of money, whoever manages to win, excellent, but the key is to survive. Let’s have faith, let’s work and unite. Certainly, let’s get out of this! ”, He concludes.

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