Praias de Guarujá

Discover all 27 beaches at Guarujá

Oou have to siscover all 27 beaches at Guarujá! From the most popular to the most rustic, Guarujá beaches are able to please the most varied tastes. There are 27 beaches, distributed over approximately 22 kilometers in length. It is possible to divide them into four large groups, according to their characteristics:

1. Urban – These are the best known, offering the most infrastructure to visitors – and also the most crowded

2. Rustic, to the south- These are more distant beaches, whose access, interestingly, is easier from Santos, by boat.

3. Rustic, at Dragon´s Tail – These are beaches that can be accessed by boat or by trails.

4. Private – Located in closed condominiums, access is limited and controlled by the condominium’s own administrators.


Urban beaches guarantee infrastructure to bathers

Guarujá has rustic and little-known beaches

Guarujá’s private beaches hide beauties

Discover the beaches of Dragon´s Tail, at Guarujá

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